Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Spring Favorites! .2016. Fashion & Beauty

March is the first transitional month of spring, during which most people wonder "should I wear a coat?", "should I carry my thick scarf with me?". Sadly, the answer is YES most of the days, since (in Greece) March is 'Winter undercover'. Anyway, April came and the clothing layers and colours became a little lighter and Spring was a lot more obvious. May is HERE! Right now the weather is particularly warm and sunny during the day that I can start wearing my summer wardrobe, but in the evening it's still a bit chilly and calls for a light jacket or cardigan.
Now let's dig in and start with the first on the list.

 A big black handbag!

This very chic, designer looking piece is a faux leather handbag with a long strap to carry it on your shoulder. It is minimal and geometric which is a huge trend this year. I got it from Stradivarius on the February sales for 20 euros. It fits a lot of stuff, make up bag, purse, note book, a change of clothes.. but I try to keep it light so that it won't lose it's shape, since I plan on wearing it a lot during the colder months.

 Another Black Bag! This time a backpack!

The backpack has become a wardrobe staple for the past 2 years or so, so I don't have to explain why carrying one. But I wanna talk about this particular backpack, because it's quite special to me. It is a 20 years old Lacoste minimalist design with lux details (amazing hardware, embossed crocodile on the bottom corner) that has been in my family for that long! And one day my mum asked: Do you want this bag or should I donate it?..So here we are. I own this Lacoste for free, in amazing condition because of its great quality, not because of its use (my mum and aunt use to carry it around every day and couldn't care less about it). The main material is quite unique, it is a very durable plastic in matt finish that doesn't scratch, doesn't lose shape and will probably survive a nuclear war too. The only downside for me is the drawstring closure that isn't very practical. I prefer zippers. Nevertheless I have received many compliments from people my age so I am very happy with it!

Next favorite is a bath product, a humble shower gel. But why is it a favorite you ask? Because of its amazing, unreal, out-of-this-world SCENT.
It says 'Chocolate', but the truth is slightly different and way more intense. It actually smells like chocolate covered orange slices that you find in every pastry/candy shop. That actually doesn't do it justice, it smells like you're in a chocolate factory, in the room of Orange Dipping and you swim in the orange scented melted chocolate.. As a shower gel it is actually quite moisturizing and feels good on your skin afterwards but unfortunately the smell does not linger on. Or maybe that's a good thing and spares you the sudden bites of people passing by.

A light Grey nail polish! O M G

This grey shade goes with ANY outfit and makes every day fashion week, in my head. With my slightly tanned Caucasian skin tone this grey feels like a more sophisticated nude, a trendier nude, an "I know my fashion" kind of nude. When I have it on my nails I feel put together and fresh. And I think that's a lot to get from a cheap brand nail polish! Sixteen cosmetics, long lasting nail polish (about 4 days without a chip), no.548, price: 1(one) euro!

This toner is an Oil Control lotion from Seventeen targeted towards oily skin, and it is a favorite because it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and extra clean. It definitely helped my skin stay clearer during the difficult days of the month. Even though I forget to use it every day 

Last but not least! A suede moto jacket in camel!

I'm just in love with it. I wear it almost every day, it goes with any outfit, any color, and doesn't look like winter while providing enough warmth. It is real suede and buttery soft. I just love it, makes every outfit more stylish and current. I got it from Stradivarius on the February sales, for 40 euros (original price 80 euros). 

Hope you find that helpful or interesting
Have a nice day!
xo Mrt

Monday, 9 May 2016

Quick DIY - Greek Easter Candles

scrap materials, like string, rope, fabric, beads, old jewelry etc.
hot glue gun (perhaps wire or another type of glue, depending on your materials)
gifting box, if you plan to give it to someone

I already had a glue gun and more than enough decorative materials from old clothes and accessories or diys, so all I needed was a trip to the dollar store (my case JUMBO) to get the candle and the box for 2 euros each. So total cost for one Lampada (Easter candle) was only 4 euros.

Here are the results. I did two for our two godsons to give.

The method is pretty simple, I glued one end of the material, wrapped it around the candle ant an angle or not, tight or loose, glued the other end, done. Next material and so on for my 'base', then you can tie things in knots and let the ends hang for some flare. If you would like to hide the knots you can easily hot glue any decorative item, like a seashell.

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Fashion DIY - the poncho

What you 're going to need :
- a wide scarf or square piece of fabric
- scissors
- thread and needle
First choose your fabric. I came across this scarf at the dollar store and immediately thought: "here you are future poncho! I've been looking for you.."
I found this lovely piece in a dollar store(whaaat?) for 1.20 euros! It measures 100cm by 170cm. But it would work as well with a smaller sized scarf.

Then you need to find the center of the scarf, iron the fold for a straight edge

and cut a small line (about 35cm). The orientation of the line can be both ways, horizontal or perpendicular to the small edge of the fabric. It's up to your neckline liking.

For creating a poncho you stop there and sew the seem by hand so the fabric won't fray. If you want to make it a kimono all you need to do is take the cut all the way from the center of the fabric to the middle of one edge of the scarf.

 And the final result!! It can be worn both ways (above) by just turning it around your neck.
Oh! And since the only changes are one straight hole, you can wear it as a regular scarf, fluffed up around your neck and no one will ever know...

xo Mrt

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Winter time happiness..

 There is a quite old Greek song I love because of one phrase of the lyrics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoE_uJ3Hlq0 It says 'Happiness is what we're waiting for', or what we look forward to.. That's quite true, right?

 Well, back to more superficial matters, right now I'm looking forward to so many 'wintery' things!

Snoods! Scarves!

Darker Nails!!



Hot chocolate! Tea!

Online Shopping Gift Guides (they know haw to make you drool)

Shopping for the people I love!

Christmas decorations!!

Christmas tree!!!

Walking around in the cold weather!

Sweaters! Chunky Knits!!

Warm spicy wine with friends!(I have ridiculously easy recipe for that to post in the future) 

Fire in the fireplace!


Wrapping presents!!! (I try to dial it down but it is a whole DIY ritual for me..)

Baking treats!

Cosy Pampering evenings in!

This is truly the most Wonderful Time of the Year. Hope I got you as excited as I am!

Nail Art of the month - November

Cute, flirty and girly BOWS!
 This design reminds me of a sexy lingerie set.. Nude & Black is a classic combination but you could try any other colour combination you'd like, ex. Navy base with Gold bows, Gold or Silver Glittery base with Red bows! (I'd LOVE that one for the holiday season!)

 Now, to the very complicated instructions.
Base coat. (if choosing nude) 2 thin coats of pinkish nude polish.
For the Bows: With a dotting tool (or anything with a small round point), do a dot in the center of the base of each nail. Let them dry and then, with a nail art brush, create 2 triangles with one point on the dot.
Top coat. You're done.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Nail Art of the Month! - October

 We've been bombarded with Galaxy Print Fashion items throughout 2013.. Galaxy print on leggings, trousers, tops, dresses, shoes, backpacks, clutches! Aaand (of course) NAILS!
 As much I would love a picture of a galaxy or nebulae as my screensaver, or as an 'eclectic' framed decoration on my wall (ooh! perhaps a picture of a black hole over the toilet which you can look when you flush! Too weird?..hmm well, we'll work on that)..I'd never wear it. Not as a clothing item.
But! I 'd totally try it on my fingertips!
And so I did. And you'll have to know that it came out reeally nice.
 I'm sorry for the unfocused following photos, I seem to have a bit of an issue with my camera. I'm posting them anyway because I believe they do more justice to the colours I used compared to the focused one.
 (with flash)

(natural light)

(natural light)

It is a very easy design you can achieve with the make-up sponge(or any dense sponge)technique. You need a black or very dark navy polish as base colour, a light blue or lilac, a pink or coral and a silver or multicoloured glitter one, and of course a base and top coat. I liked it a lot and I think it serves well for that time of the year as it is quite on trend with all the darker collours and the metallic/glittery finish.
thanks for reading!
have a nice day! xo

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

September OOTD

This is what I wore today going to uni. A casual back-to school outfit incorporating quite autumnal shades.
H&M basic white T-shirt, H&M tan fringe necklace, Mango nude leather handbag,
 Zara Burgundy skinny denim pants, classic Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses,
tan leather gladiator sandals from a local store in Monastiraki market
I find the combination of rolled up skinnies and gladiator sandals really cute! I would consider gladiator sandals as the ankle boot of the hot weather. In terms of accessorizing I went for minimal as it was a super casual occasion and the fringe necklace is quite a bold piece.
Have a nice day! 
xo Mrt